🌷🏡How to prep your home for the spring market!

Spring is going to be here before we know it (although it feels so far with the weather we’ve been getting these past few weeks❄️)
If you’re thinking of selling but don’t know where to start, check out this video for some detailed tips!


👉Declutter: Before you do anything, you want your home to feel light and spacious for anyone entering it or viewing it online from pictures or video. Clutter and excess personal items will interrupt a future buyer from imagining themselves living in your home. Store personal photos and mementos and donate or sell anything you have not used in at least a year. Decluttering means removing furniture to create empty spaces and remove items that look messy and disorganized. Remove books from bookcases, knick-knacks and items from tables, and store away everything off your kitchen counters.
Any daily use items can be put in small containers and stored in closets when not in use. If this process feels daunting, consider this the first step in packing your home to move into your next dream home.

👉Deep Clean: Your home needs to create an ambience of light and brightness for any visitor. Deep clean your home or hire someone to do it. Clean the windows, remove cobwebs, scrub sliding door tracks, countertops, floors, mirrors, ceiling fans, light fixtures, baseboards – everything.

👉Let the Light Shine Through: Pay particular attention to areas that bring in the natural light and heighten the light and bright aspects of your home, including deep cleaning of windows, mirrors, countertops. Additionally, change dim or dirty light bulbs to highlight your features in darker areas of your home and consider taking down any curtains that seem to be dust collectors. The sun will shine bright right through the windows!

👉Clean Floors: Every area of your home should sparkle and shine, and that goes especially for surfaces like floors. Glass and laminate flooring, for instance, tend to reveal dust and fingerprints more clearly, so it’s crucial to scrub, polish and mop till they shine. Do spot treatment on soiled areas of your carpet and finish with a steam clean.

👉Eliminate Funky Odours: Funky odours can turn off prospective buyers immediately. Cleaning carpets will help, and so will a deep cleaning of your home, but still pay attention to the aromas. Avoid overusing high fragrance sprays and consider adding in scents like fresh flowers and bring some colour and life to a dining room table or kitchen.

👉Curb Appeal: You want to impress potential buyers as soon as they drive by your property. After a hard winter, make the extra effort to rake leaves, weed the garden, mow the lawn and clean the gutters. Put out your outdoor furniture and even consider hanging some colorful plants in front of your home. You can even consider power washing the walkways or outside of your home. Make your house look its best once the snow melts!

👉 Minor Improvements/Upgrades: Making costly home renovations is not always necessary to sell your home and not all renovations will improve the value of your home either. Often, buyers make their own changes to suit their desires. However, we strongly recommend you freshen up your home by applying a coat of paint to walls, trim, and touch-up high traffic areas to remove gashes and marks. Focus on making improvements to focal areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Buyers pay attention to renovations and upgrades to these two rooms and smaller updates can vastly improve their overall impression. These useful updates can include replacing old and rusted light fixtures, switch plates, doorknobs, and other hardware. Additionally, replacing caulk and grout in the bathroom can also create a neat and clean appearance.

👉Find the Right Agent:💥Before you sell your home, your most important task is finding the right agent or real estate team to represent your interests. The right agent will have experience and knowledge of the area and the market. This person will perform a detailed analysis to back up their recommendations. Expect your agent to prepare a great marketing plan, help you set the right price, qualify buyers, and expertly negotiate and finalize the deal.

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